FreeStyle Libre, Medtronic Guardian, Enlite Adhesive Overpatch - Tan [Pack of 20]

Skin Grip


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  • EXTENDS SENSOR LIFE OVER 10 DAYS: Our innovative Medtronic and FreeStyle Libre sensor tape is designed to last over 10 days, even if you are swimming, showering or exercising regularly. Our anti-fray innovative material keeps your patch looking great. SKIN GRIP comes in a case of 20 but they will last much longer than any 25 or even 30 pack out there.
  • HASSLE-FREE, EASY APPLICATION: Stick the SKIN GRIP oval patch on your skin over your transmitter to protect your Medtronic or Libre sensors. The easy-peel backing is split into 4 parts, making patch application as easy as applying a Band-Aid.
  • NO SKIN IRRITATION: We have made sure our cgm compatible patches are made of 100% medical grade latex-free, waterproof and hypoallergenic materials that will NOT irritate your skin or cause any itching or discomfort. 
  • 100% MONEY-BACK  GUARANTEE: Give our Guardian 3 adhesive pre-cut tapes a try and if you are not entirely thrilled with your purchase, we’ll send your money back…No Questions Asked! Add to Cart Now!

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Type: Overpatch

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