FRIO® Large Wallet


4 vials & 4 syringes or 1 injector pen & 10 cartridges or 2 injector pens & 6 cartridges or 5 disposable injector pens.
  • Take your insulin anywhere with peace of mind
  • Perfect for travel and outdoor activities
  • Keeps insulin cool and safe in hot and cold environments
  • Quick and simple to activate - just soak in water for a few minutes
  • No refrigeration or ice packs needed
  • Reusable over and over again

Ideal for carrying various combinations of pens and vials, as follows: 
a. 4 x insulin pens (not incl.)
b. 6 x 10ml vials of insulin and syringes (not incl.) 

Inner Wallet Dimensions: 
140mm x 180mm (5.5" x 7"approx)